The Most Complicated Room in a Home

The kitchen is the most complicated room in your home. With all the moving parts in a kitchen including appliances, water, electricity and other amenities, a renovation to that room is a complex task.

Kitchen Renovation Essentials

The kitchen is called the heart of the home for a reason; this room is the epicenter of family life. Not only will you cook and possibly eat your daily meals in your kitchen, but you will also celebrate holidays, entertain guests, and spend quality time with family and friends. For all these reasons, the design and style of your kitchen is of the utmost importance. This is why most home owners place kitchen renovating at the top of their home renovations to do list.

What is most important to understand is that a kitchen renovation is seldom a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Project.

A DIY kitchen renovation could take several weeks or months to complete and as Murphy’s Law states, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” That holds true with most kitchen renovations.

You can go through the pain of demolition, the stress of choosing materials, the labor of installing products—and then end up hiring professionals to fix the mistakes. Or, just as bad, the final results may be less than satisfactory.

Because of the time, talent and investment required to complete a kitchen renovation, most homeowners are best off hiring professionals.

You will need a seasoned Company with proper credentials, licensing, insurance and, of course, ideas and resources. This includes access to reliable and cost effective labour pool and materials.

    We have all heard the horror stories of Kitchen renovations, Companies who:

    × Disrespect Timelines

    “…ordered kitchen cabinets the first week of Oct 2017 with a written guarantee that they would be installed before Christmas. It is Jan 2019 and they are still not done…”

    × Lack Customer Service

    “…they told me they gave my tiles to someone therefore they could not refund me the cost. They did not keep records of who they gave them to, but isn’t this their responsibility? ...”

    × Complicate the Process

    “…we have tried to finalize our agreement but they keep changing the contact person, we are now on our seventh representative…”

    × Do not complete work

    “…they finally installed the rest of the cupboards on April 15. This was 2 months after the initial installation…”

    × Lack Knowledgeable Staff

    “…our representative said she would call the installer on our behalf as I had a question she did not have the answer to, while I waited for what seemed like 20 minutes, when she again asked if she could help me. I told her I was waiting for her to call the installer and her response was, “oh, I was going to do that after my lunch”…”

    × Scheduling of Sub Contractors is Problematic

    “… the granite installation was scheduled for Tuesday but when they showed up there was nothing they could do as none of the cabinets had been installed. The cabinets could not be installed as we were waiting for the flooring to be done…”

    Pronto Brings the Team of Specialists

    We employ certified Kitchen Designers & Project Managers to ensure the design, configuration, appliances, counters and backsplash are the best value for your budget and long-term goals.

    We provide top quality kitchen cabinets, produced in our own quality controlled factory.

    Our Cabinetry includes quality features such as:

    Doubled Doweled jointed frames

    Blum Soft Close Hinges and Drawer Glides

    Adjustable leg levelers

    1/2” Colour match returns

    Our Team of Highly Skilled Trade Professionals are trained to work in sensitive environments … Your Home! These professionals includes:

      Pronto Kitchen #1 Goal - Client Satisfaction
      Over 10,000+ Kitchen Renovated
      Great work, creative designer and the installation guys were very professional. Highly recommended!
      Larry Barrett
      Larry Barrett
      08:20 18 Sep 19
      I highly recommend Pronto. I got estimates from about a dozen of other companies, all of which were considerably more expensive. I decided to go with Pronto because of their fair price and the quality (I did eliminate a few other suspiciously cheap places where the wood was cracking on display). Very happy with my new kitchen!
      Dyan Bobier
      Dyan Bobier
      02:11 17 Sep 19
      Pronto Kitchens designed and renovated my kitchen. They are experts and professionals. Compared to the nightmares of our friends, they did their job in 4 months, much shorter than others. Very few unscheduled delays. all cabinets, plumbing, woodwork were high quality. High-quality workmanship. Remember to insulate the back walls, where cabinets are installed so that whatever you store in them is not cold. You get what you pay for.
      Micheal Akbar
      Micheal Akbar
      02:15 13 Aug 19
      This was our first-ever kitchen remodel and what we learned through the process was this - even more important than the cabinets you choose is the kitchen company you work with. We worked with Pronto Kitchens and they were always super responsive, very helpful and absolutely a pleasure to work with. It should be noted that we were probably lower to middle tier clients for this company, but these guys always treated us like we were their top priority.
      Christine J. Donahue
      Christine J. Donahue
      08:32 03 Aug 19
      Our favorite part of our whole house redo was working with and building our new kitchen. Staff from Pronto Kitchens was dedicated to helping us build the kitchen we wanted within our space and budget constraints. They have the perfect balance of guiding us and giving advice while respecting our vision.
      Wallace Hubbard
      Wallace Hubbard
      01:55 02 Aug 19
      I had spoken to Kara over the phone and she was absolutely amazing, she provided me with a Free-Estimate so quickly after I sent her some photos. They did the estimate, started the kitchen shortly after and finished the renovation so quickly. Beautiful Kitchen installation and I am very happy with their work!
      Elmer Lyons
      Elmer Lyons
      23:01 29 May 19
      Pronto Kitchen's finished my kitchen renovation in only 2 short weeks. It was the simplest renovation I have ever done. I actually had access to my kitchen within 24 hours, so there was no need for any take-out or anything. If you want someone to do a great renovation, very quickly Pronto is the right company!
      Robert Gilbert
      Robert Gilbert
      10:19 26 May 19
      We went to 5 different kitchen renovators and stores, these guys are by far the best and the prices are the best. We used them to make and install kitchen cabinets for us. I have recommended them to all my friends! Such a great experience working with them, thanks!
      David Kong
      David Kong
      17:18 22 Mar 19
      We just had our kitchen renovated and finished by Pronto Kitchens, and are thrilled with the results - it is true, they provide top quality at absolutely unbeatable prices. The quality of the materials used and the workmanship is excellent, and the crew were fantastic. It was such a pleasure to work with them - I had a baby the week before the project started and they went above and beyond to make sure that I was comfortable with their schedule while caring for a newborn. Would definitely recommend!
      Alphonse Maynard
      Alphonse Maynard
      16:23 22 Mar 19
      Great experience, Would recommend them to anyone looking to remodel their kitchen. Vasyl was very helpful, he was very responsive to all of our needs and kept us updated throughout the entire project! Great job!
      Anthony Arredondo
      Anthony Arredondo
      15:37 22 Mar 19
      Overall we are very happy with the new kitchen renovation space. From design to build, the quality and speed of the work is top notch. We much prefer the specialized teams approach they offer, rather the jack of all trades other companies uses. Pronto answered all of our questions and walked us through the entire process, it was quite easy to work with them. I highly recommend using them.
      Bruce Davis
      Bruce Davis
      17:19 21 Mar 19
      Great experience with Pronto Kitchens! Would recommend them to anyone looking to remodel their kitchen - the quality of their work is phenomenal. Great customer service and friendly staff. The project manager was very helpful, organized and had great communication skills throughout the renovation.
      Craig Tawney
      Craig Tawney
      16:00 21 Mar 19
      Experience The Pronto Difference
      All In One Kitchen & Cabinetry Renovation Solution
      Our objective is ensure our Clients receive a totally comprehensive understanding of the offering before making the spending decision. Whether it’s a just cabinetry or a full renovation Pronto is fully equipped with in-house specialists.
      Quickest Renovation Turnaround Times
      Our time lines are “best in class”. At the core of Prontos infrastructure is urgency, responsiveness and commitment to our Customers. We pride ourselves in providing the fastest project completions in the Renovation industry
      Over 10,000 Kitchens renovated....Pronto!
      Pronto always aims to uphold the highest quality of products and services. We have renovated over 10,000 kitchens, each designed and executed with one goal in mind - client satisfaction.
      Free No Obligation In-Home Inspection
      Take advantage of our experienced design consultants. We make it easy for you and provide a free in-home estimate. You can view our product samples, discuss the scope of work, budget and timeline. Our Project Manager will also take all necessary measurements and relevant information to prepare a full cost quotation
      Finance Your Newly Designed Kitchen
      Kitchen renovations can be a strain on cash flow. Pronto offers many different payment options including financing solution including up to 60 month payment plan.
      Don't Pay Up Front, Only Pay at The End
      Kitchen renovations can be a strain on cash flow. Pronto offers many different payment options including financing including up to 60 month payment plan.

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